Quincy Carter reflects on NFL Career, Rehab, and QC17 QB Training

On this episode of Beyond the Helmet we are joined by former two-sport athlete and NFL QB, Quincy Carter. Few people have ever possessed the athleticism Quincy Carter did. He pursued professional baseball for a few years out of high school before going to the University of Georgia to play quarterback. It took little time at all to see he was something special and was only continuing to improve. With that being said, Quincy did not re-write the history books in the NFL. Despite being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and appearing in his third 3 season to be well on his way, all was not well beneath the surface. Ultimately it was a marijuana habit that derailed his Cowboys career, but more importantly it was the beginning of a spiral that Quincy has fought through ever since. Carter opens up about his life since playing in the NFL and where he is today. It is by no stretch an easy road to have gone from where he was in 2004 to where he proudly stands today. Quincy deserves the respect from all who will listen on achieving sobriety and fighting to make a positive impact in the world. Shortly (April 2022) he will be hosting a QB and WR camp. We talk about on the program and the link to it is here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/coach-ea…



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